How to Display Orchids Outdoors: Unique Ideas to Place

How to display orchids outdoors is a notion that may be overwhelming, keeping the growing conditions and orchid varieties in mind. You can display them in baskets and containers or however you like.

How to Display Orchids Outdoors

Our article will guide you on easily displaying orchids in baskets hanging from the ceiling and in containers, so keep reading as you will know more about it and the different ways to do so.

How to Display Orchids Outdoors The Right Way?

To display orchids outdoors, you must first gather the material, and line the container properly. Make sure that the plant stays straight; after doing so, you must cover it with moss, and arrange the container properly.

You needed help with displaying orchids in containers, but not anymore. The process is simple and includes gathering your material, lining your container, ensuring that the orchids stay still, covering the plants with moss, and placing your container in your favorite spot.

1. Gather the Material

You do not need much; in this case, all you need is your favorite container, two or three orchids, one or two bags of decorative moss, one plastic bag, and some gravel. Buying new gravel is not a compulsion; you can always use any lying useless in your backyard.

A common question must have popped into your mind, as can you plant orchids outside in the ground? Yes, you can, but you can also place it in a container, making it easier to move around.

2. Line the Container

Place the plastic bag at the bottom of your container. Just ensure that there are no holes in the bag. Fill the plastic bag with gravel almost halfway and lay the bag flat on the container’s base. However, if your containers are too heavy, you can use the scrunched-up grocery bags instead of the gravel.

3. Make Sure That the Plants Stay Straight

Adjust your orchids on top of the gravel, or scrunched bags, until they stand still, because this will help in the long run to have beautiful plants displayed the right way. You can add more gravel or bags in the shape of a ball underneath the orchids until you are satisfied with the height. Fill in with more gravel or bags to the sides of the container till the orchids are standing still.

4. Cover With Moss

Add a layer of moss around and on top of the plants to cover them completely. Fill the plants with moss to the point that you can only see it and not the plants. It keeps the moisture locked in and helps conceal the plant from harmful pest infestations and other diseases. The roots be healthy and happy, and this will also make the plant look good the in the long run, because you wouldn’t want wilted flowers outside.

5. Arrange the Container

Now that you have successfully installed your orchids in the container, it is time to find the perfect spot for your container. You want a nice sunny spot with afternoon shade to keep the orchid flowers in full bloom.

Arrange the Container

Some popular orchid ideas pinterest related include placing the container as a focal point in your garden, at the entrance of your front door, on your balcony, and so much more, with endless possibilities. In this case, you would see that your chosen container can go more with your theme, or you can pick the specific material it is made of to add to the decor around your place.

Make sure that the container is not placed in direct sunlight; on the contrary, it must have indirect sunlight, or else it will harm the plant and may even cause it to be damaged or harmed. The right care should be given so that the orchids will thrive.

How to Display Orchids Outdoors in Hanging Baskets?

To display orchids outdoors in hanging baskets you must first select the plant variety, and choose the right spot to hang it. Gather the material and the right basket, lay the filling, and place the orchid in. Lastly, make sure you level the top and hang it right.

It is fun and easy to display orchids outdoors in hanging baskets, especially when you live in tropical areas, or anywhere that has good humidity. All you need to do is know your exact orchid type, decide on a spot for hanging the orchid, select a basket, gather a few materials, and hang your orchids.

1. Select the Right Orchid Type

Deciding the right orchid type is essential, as not all orchids grow well in broad daylight. Some species grow well in mounted places like Brassavolas, Angraecums, and Phalaenopsis, commonly known as moth orchids. 

The environment and watering schedule are other important aspects to remember while choosing the orchid type. You can also look for outdoor orchid care for beginners, but it is optional. Cattleyas, Vandas, and Dendrobium Orchids are perfect if you are growing orchids outside in Florida with no humidifiers.

2. Choose the Hanging Spot

After deciding the appropriate orchid type, the second influential task is to select where you want to hang the orchid. Whichever spot you decide on, ensure it has enough sunlight, humidity, and climate according to the orchid.

Choose the Hanging Spot

Some popular hanging choices include your terrace, garden, and your porch; this is where you would be placing the orchids so that they would show their beauty.

3. Gather the Materials

You need a few materials to ensure the orchids survive in the baskets for a long. As per the simplest idea, let the orchid be in the same pot and add wire hangers to it so that you can hang them wherever.

It could look more appealing but saves a lot of space. Make sure that you have a pot or basket to put the orchid in, a coconut husk liner, some top filler, and a hook or a ceiling attachment to accomplish the matter.

4. Decide on a Basket

Choose the basket that best suits your orchid’s growing conditions. You can use some hanging orchids in wired or wooden baskets. Still, using any baskets at home or purchasing one from your nearest store would be better.

You may also go ahead and use wire-hanging baskets with a coconut husk liner to protect or contain the orchid roots. If your chosen orchid variety has far-spread roots, you can use hanging potted orchids to display your orchids instead of porous baskets.

5. Laying the Filler Inside the Metal Form

If you go with Spanish moss, pack it pretty thick since your orchid will sit on top, as this is great for arranging the right moisture level and adding aesthetic features. This added layer will lock in humidity and ensure the floral arrangement does not dry out. You can skip the moss if your basket already has the coco husk.

6. Place the Orchid in the Basket

Place the orchid inside the basket, ensuring the flowers are the same height. You can incorporate two orchid pots if one does not overpower the other. Ensure that all the stems are of the same height, as it will affect the watering schedule.

Place the Orchid in the Basket

For instance, if one of the stems is shorter, it will get more water but less sunlight, two elements for root rot. In this case, you may add charcoal or bark under the shorter plant to make it the same height as the larger plant.

7. Fill In Around the Pots

Fill bark around the pots, but ensure that you do not use dirt, soil, or your common household potting medium as it will suffocate the plants and orchids like their roots can access air circulation. Whichever material you choose, ensure the orchids have room to breathe and are sturdy enough to hold the pots in place.

Keep the top layer of the Spanish moss thin enough, so both pots appear as a single plant. Note that adding the top layer helps trap humidity and lessens how often you need to water orchids. If you have flowing orchid plants, you can skip this step and mount the basket high toward the ceiling.

8. Hang the Orchid

Now, you can go ahead and hang the orchids is the trickiest part of the entire process. There are many aspects to consider while deciding on the basket’s height.

For example, you may keep the mounted orchid closer to the ceiling will not permit the morning sunlight to fall on the orchids. The best possible solution is to hang the basket high enough that the leaves receive filtered sunlight and the basket does not hit your head every time you pass by.


You are now geared to display your orchids in containers and baskets using the information that you obtained from our article. But before you leave, here is a quick recap of the main points once more:

  • Many outdoor orchids are available, but you should know which ones you can keep outdoors and arrange the matter accordingly.
  • If you are hanging orchids in a basket, adjust the height of the basket according to the sunlight.
  • You can bring life to your dull lawn by growing orchids in containers.
  • You do not have to buy new containers or orchids. The orchids growing with your indoor plants and the old containers get the job done too.

Now that you know all the recommended tips and tricks, you can display your orchids outdoors the professional way! Gather your tools and bring your vision to life.

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